Pathway helps the NHS to create hospital teams to support homeless patients.  Each team includes a specialist GP, nurses, allied health professionals, housing experts and in some hospitals, Pathway Care Navigators: people who were once homeless who are trained to support homeless patients.


Pathway provides patients with:

  • Housing and Benefits Advice

  • Help to recover important documents such as Birth Certificates, Passports, etc

  • Links to community services

  • Support and collaboration with other clinicians, e.g. advice on drug interactions

  • Complex care planning and discharge liaison

  • Referral for addiction support

  • Help with GP registration

  • Fresh clothes, shoes and other basics (where these have been destroyed because of infection or infestation)

  • Help to reconnect with loved ones

They help those with physical illness, mental illness, substance misuse problems and histories of trauma and abuse.  In some areas, Pathway teams can access specialist ‘respite care’, a place for homeless patients to recover after they have been in hospital, with clinical support to hand.

Tel: 020 3447 9351

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Lloyd & Shoshana Gilmore

Tel: 07967 971958

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Help & Hope for the Homeless

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